Violin lessons with Julianne are private one on one and meet weekly. Duration of the lessons are 30/45 and 60 minutes depending on the age, level and method of teaching requested (i.e., traditional or Suzuki ). It is recommended for the beginner (ages 3-7) to start with a 30 minute duration time. Group lessons and student recitals are also offered after the first six months of study and are based on availability and readiness of the student. All lessons are held at Music Together on 1st and 15th streets in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Please note that the private and group lesson study is not affiliated in any way with the philosophies or teaching methods of Music Together.


It is important that both parents and students alike, understand that a commitment of one year is generally needed for a beginner on the violin to have a valuable experience of the instrument. Stringed instruments and their study require a gradual development of the fine motor skills needed to play. Though a year commitment is not required, it is highly recommended.


Two tuition plans are offered based on payment preference.

Plan A - Monthly Payment (Click Here)

Plan B - Semester Payment (Click Here)


Those who have chosen a payment plan may proceed to register by;

Step 1) CONTACTING ME via phone or e-mail of your interest to begin lesson study. Please include your name, number where you can be reached and best time to call. Include also your scheduling preferences for lessons including all possible days/times.


~ CONTACT NOW (Click Here)


Step 2) Reading through, understanding and agreeing to the LESSON POLICY. (Click here to read Lesson Policy PDF file.)


Step 3) PRINT and COMPLETE filling out both the LESSON POLICY and REGISTRATION FORM.
(Click here to download Registration PDF form.)

Signed and completed forms with accompanying tuition can be sent, postal mail, or hand dropped prior to the first scheduled lesson.
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