Taking up the study of violin as an adult beginner is certainly a daunting task. So finding a competent, patient, and insightful teacher is absolutely essential.

Julianne Klopotic qualifies marvelously on all counts:

* In addition to being a highly accomplished professional performer, she is a multifaceted teacher who meets her students—of all ages—on their own level.
* Studying with Julianne is a holistic process. She gauges her student’s progress and introduces new pieces and new techniques organically as the student is ready. The course of study is not rigidly prescribed, though fundamentals are always emphasized and classic books for technique and etudes are used extensively.
* Julianne is endlessly patient; teaching, then reviewing all aspects of basic technique, often finding that new approach or insight into an old problem that helps the student internalize correct playing.
* Julianne’s wide-ranging curiosity and appreciation of extra-musical subjects, particularly meditative, and spiritual practices enriches the learning experience, encouraging the student to approach playing as far more than the mere sum of its parts.
* For me personally, studying with Julianne as an adult has been a complete learning experience; I’ve begun to achieve some technical proficiency in my playing, but also I’ve developed new and deeper appreciation of all music, and I’ve even learned a few things about myself.

Ron Sharpe, (student since February 2004)


Julianne has been an angel in our life. My son Lucas (who started at age 4-1/2) has great difficulty communicating with any new adults -- he is extremely shy. Julianne’s patience, sensitivity and ability to connect with him, has been extraordinary. He has learned more than just impeccably proper technique and how to read notes. Her approach also mixes in music theory and rhythmic awareness on both an intellectual and organic level that my son has absorbed without even realizing. He has found his voice. To see him stand enthusiastically in front of the group, perform confidently and bow proudly is a magnificent and beautiful thing. I cannot imagine a teacher who could have nurtured and encouraged him to this point as wonderfully and lovingly as Ms. Julianne.

Celeste Peterka
Park Slope parent

(Lucas, age 6)


Our seven-year-old daughter has been studying with Julianne for almost two years and has had a truly wonderful experience; the manner in which she can now listen, play and respond to music has been profoundly affected by this instruction. Julianne is able to adjust her teaching techniques to all types of learners, but can achieve truly remarkable things with a very focused child. Our daughter's music instructor (at school) comments frequently on her musical sophistication, enthusiasm and focus - perhaps traits she was born with, but Julianne is largely responsible for having drawn them out.

Hillary and Peter Ripley
Park Slope Parents

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